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EOS is a leading company in the environmental sector, that is able to provide a full range of services in any production and business fields.

Owing to its direct or indirect involvement in several disposal plants, EOS can meet any disposal and/or treatment requirements at competitive prices and in compliance with the regulations in force.

EOS has a highly qualified and experienced staff, that have been working in this field for many years, and can exploit its streamlined but efficient structure, in order to promptly meet a variety of requirements:


- Transport

EOS provides collection and transportation services for all kinds of waste materials and hazardous substances. In this respect, EOS has obtained the following certification:

-Registration in the National Register of Environmental Managers (categories 8): MI 02866 of 15 May 2007 of 14 February 2017.

We can manage, using vectors and plants of trust our partners, any type of waste materials, including hazardous substances, of any ADR classes (solid, liquid, gaseous products, either in bulk or packaged), throughout the entire Italian territory and with vehicles of various sizes and for all needs.


- Disposal

EOS can dispose all kinds of waste generated by industries and other business activities, by using a variety of methods and procedures:

- equipped landfill;

- inertisation and/or mixing

- purification

- distillation

- thermal destruction.

Reuse: we can deliver production waste to recycling and/or processing plants:

- paper and cardboard

- plastic (e.g. polymers)

- wood

- ferrous and non-ferrous metals

- containers of different types (with official ONU re-approval): small tanks, drums, big-bags etc.



We can make available, based on any specific requirements:

- solid waste containers (10 to 30 m3)

- sludge containers, including sealed drums (12 to 22 m3)

- press-containers for bulky waste (20 to 28 m3)

- liquid waste tanks (6 to 30m3)

- small tanks (1 m3);

- excavators and other means for waste loading, excavation and demolition works.



Owing to its 25-year experience in environmental reclamation, EOS can offer a full range of solutions, in order to meet any requirements:

- reclamation of underground and surface tanks from hydrocarbons, solvents, acids etc.; leak tests, “gas-free” certificates, double casing, removal/demolition;

- decontamination from asbestos and asbestos-cement sheets for roofing and cladding;

- reclamation of contaminated soil, by means of on-site solutions or treatment, disposal to landfill etc.;

- demolition of civil and industrial buildings and structures (decommissioning) in polluted areas.



We can analyse, in cooperation with our SINAL-certified partners:

- solid & liquid waste, sludge

- waste water

- quality of raw materials

- gaseous and noise emissions

and we issue test reports according to the current standards (waste, water, emission classification etc.).


Consultancy services 

In addition to the services rendered in cooperation with qualified professional, we can provide consultancy in the following sectors:

- technical-bureaucratic waste management: charge and discharge register, accompanying forms, trem-cards for hazardous goods etc.

- specific environmental consultancy

- consultancy on industrial safety standards

- specific technical consultancy on plants;

- management of hazardous goods transport: ADR consultancy, trem cards, packaging, labelling and panelling inspections, vehicle control, annual reports on carried goods.


Photovoltaic industry 

Thanks to its partnership with a leading company, specialising in the study, design, manufacture and turnkey installation of high-performance alternative energy systems (consisting of advanced photovoltaic panels), EOS offers modular and flexible solutions, new sheets and panels that ensure an environmental-friendly (and low-cost) investment, such as after the removal of an asbestos-cement roofing.


Disposal of hazardous and non-hazardous waste - Transport of azardous goods for third parties - Container lease - Waste packers - Environmental reclamation - Analyses and advice

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