EOS S.r.l. – Servizi Generali has more than 20-year experience in the sector of environmental services.

Several leading companies, including small and medium-sized enterprises, from different sectors (chemical and engineering industry etc.)

have always renewed their trust in EOS and appreciate our services,  experience and professionalism.

EOS is able to offer high-quality customised technical services in the ecological and environmental sectors: the manifold professional experiences accumulated over time allow any price sensitive customer to appreciate during partial or total demolition, or in the case of clearing and reclamation of the environment or waste disposal, our technical operative procedures planned and personalized already in the scheduling of the work on hand, and conscientiously adhered to during the phase of application.

EOS in brief:


- transport of hazardous and non-hazardous waste of any kind, and of goods (including hazardous goods) on behalf of third parties, by its own ADR-compliant means, registered in the National Register of Waste Management Companies (including an accurate “micro-collection” service, provided to small companies and businesses);

- disposal of all types of waste, from any production cycle, at different treatment/disposal centers;

- reuse/recovery of different types of industrial waste;

- lease of waste storage equipment and devices: interchangeable bodies, press-containers, tanks etc.;

- supply of type-approved containers of different capacity, for solid/liquid waste and other substances;

- phonometric chemical analyses on waste, emissions, waste water, etc.;

- environmental reclamation (of contaminated soil, tanks, friable and compact asbestos-cement etc.), and demolition of old buildings and industrial premises;

- installation of photovoltaic systems, owing to our partnership with a leading company specialising in this industry;

- consultancy in a variety of sectors (environment, ADR, safety, technical-juridical issues): technical-bureaucratic waste management, handling and storage of hazardous substances, safety standards.

General Services

EOS Srl - Servizi Generali

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